VZOR: A Unified Platform that Offers 360° View of Businesses

Marcelo Ravilet, CEO
In an era defined by uncertainty and constant unforeseen changes, businesses witness new challenges every day, making it crucial for them to adopt advanced technology solutions and process automation to keep any business risks and threats at bay. This need led to the inception of VZOR, a company that extends the support every organization requires to monitor business continuity. VZOR adopts an innovative and disruptive approach to address its clients’ requirements concerning implementing management solutions, controlling, and monitoring technological services.

Chile-based VZOR offers a robust VZOR Suite 360°, which comprises a series of modules and functionalities that provide essential support for tasks associated with technological management and business activity monitoring. The solution allows businesses to obtain operational, tactical, and strategic data from different data sources to get a more comprehensive view of business operations. VZOR Suite 360° centralizes all the control and monitoring solutions in one platform, making it convenient to monitor business operations.

VZOR employs various integration mechanisms, including API, SQL, and Files, to create a monitoring framework that captures and unifies data in a differentiated manner. It offers a robust and agile way to obtain valuable information for making decisions promptly in the face of potential events or incidents that affect the routine operations in an organization.VZOR’s solution boasts the functionalities that help detect and forecast anomalies based on the analysis carried out. “This is achieved by incorporating robust mathematical and AI models that allow responsible teams to take advantage of potential drops or intermittent services. This translates into a real understanding of the technological operations and how anomalies can become active and potentially dangerous incidents for the proper functioning of the company,” adds Ravilet.

The ability to obtain visibility into any uncalled-for incidents that can affect an organization’s operations has earned VZOR the trust of a vast client base.

To dig deeper into how beneficial the VZOR solution can be for businesses, its CCO, Nelson Avilés, narrates how they assisted Gustavo Fricke Hospital in acquiring a complete view of their operations.
Nelson Avilés, CCO
VZOR partnered with the client to execute personalized infrastructure monitoring of 138 devices, starting with essential monitoring of the health status of different components such as CPU, RAM, and HDD usage, up to specific monitoring of the other processes that make it possible for the client’s services to run appropriately. In this case, VZOR Suite 360° proved critical in ensuring complete visibility of the elements that make up the daily operation, the automation of level 1 of support, and the automated calculation of the SLAs of the services. The solution also ensured that the different alerts in case of any incidents that could interrupt their services were raised on time, which allowed the hospital to go from essential infrastructure monitoring to 360° view of its operations.

VZOR Suite 360° centralizes all the control and monitoring solutions in one platform, making it convenient to monitor business operations.

Due to such functionalities and outcomes, the VZOR solution has been of great significance for leading businesses across geographies over the years. The VZOR team accredits its consistent success to the support from its partners, including MS, GTD, Adexus, Deloitte, IBM, and K&T, who have assisted VZOR in the commercial process over the years.

VZOR has laid out a robust roadmap for its evolution and growth to further amplify its solution’s capabilities. The company works relentlessly along that path to introduce a new version of VZOR Suite 360° with more functionalities. Additionally, it even envisions exploring new products associated with its existing suite to venture into the areas of cybersecurity, telework monitoring, and others. VZOR has set its eyes on Peru, Colombia, Central America, Mexico, and Brazil, apart from the US concerning geographical expansion.


Industry 4.0 and the “Business Operation Center (BOC)” monitoring 4.0

The continuous process of digital transformation of Industry 4.0 requires that companies adopt solutions, tools and strategies that improve their performance in the market in a more agile, efficient way and with a wide visibility on their operational, tactical, and strategic results.

In simple terms, Industry 4.0 technologies allow you to do more with less. That is, they can produce more and faster while allocating their resources more profitably and efficiently hand in hand with the exponential growth that process automation has.

Therefore, the need for visualization is no longer only in the technological areas, this given that it is of vital importance that the conventional monitoring centers or better known as NOC "Network Operation Center" where the visualization of panels is mainly at the level of infrastructure and 100% technical indicators of the operation migrate towards a more innovative, comprehensive, centralized model that involves the other areas of the business, establishing a framework of Technological Governance.

However, today our company VZOR has developed a series of solutions, which we have centralized in the concept of VZOR BOC, this as a robust and innovative solution that allows industry 4.0 to have a fully automated Business Monitoring Center in the first operation level, this means that all incident and event alarms are activated automatically, immediately notifying the resolution groups, through different mechanisms such as: email, SMS, Telegram, telephone calls, among others. Being able to trigger automatic resolution actions that are previously programmed by the company's experts. All this at the exact moment in which the interruptions or degradations of the affected services occur.

We invite you to learn about our innovative 4.0 automated technology monitoring and management service, which will allow you the possibility of focusing on the business and its critical points.

Some benefits of VZOR BOC for Industry 4.0

VZOR BOC, as a technology governance solution, provides organizations with some advantages, such as:

Automation level 1 of technological operation

VZOR BOC Carries out the identification of events and incidents, generation of tickets, escalations and follow-ups to any event or incident that occurs on the monitored platforms. In addition, to issue and send scheduled reports automatically.

IT management transformation

The digital transformation has also knocked on the door of those who build it and it is for this reason that we have understood how beneficial it is to automate operational tasks, as a result that today there is a deficit of technological professionals in the market and we need to specialize in the most contingent issues of the business. Therefore, VZOR BOC automates many functions of vital importance to the operation of the business.

Reduction of operational costs (TCO)

With VZOR BOC it is possible to guarantee a centralized operation with a lower cost of licensing and maintenance (TCO) compared to world-class solutions, which guarantees the client an efficient result over time at a lower cost and with greater innovation.

Excellent level of Operational Continuity

With VZOR BOC it is possible to learn from the result of the operation before which customers can verify where problems that affect the availability of services occur and how often. For this reason, it is vitally important to look at monitoring not as something only technical but also from a business perspective.

Unified, Centralized and Innovative Monitoring

With VZOR BOC from the same solution and with the support of experts, you can deliver a monitoring service: unified and centralized of the IT / OT infrastructure, Web Applications, Legacy and Android, Integration Layer, Supplier contracts, Business processes (KPI) and Technological Operational Risk based on COBIT 2019 and more.

It is important to note that with VZOR BOC you will be able to support the exponential growth of the business. In addition to guaranteeing the levels of service and its quality, which will be clearly reflected in the business results.

Take the opportunity and speak with a VZOR specialist to take your organization to the next level, it is important to remember that everything that is measured is improved and what is not degraded over time.


Providencia, Chile

Marcelo Ravilet, CEO and Nelson Avilés, CCO

Offers VZOR Suite 360° that allows to monitor, analyze and automate reports, alarms, and escalations while providing a 360° view of the business