Tips Salud: Ushering in the New-Age of Integrated Patient Care

Cecilia Camillucci, President As ground-breaking technologies continue to enhance access to healthcare with each passing day, countless healthcare organizations around the globe are adopting technological tools that are drastically redefining the standards of service quality and patient safety while optimizing the value of their resources. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the Latin American region—known for high variation in health profiles among its population. Even though the region has undergone a series of reforms to increase the equity, effectiveness, and coverage of health systems, its healthcare institutions have been slow to improve internal processes and upgrade their software requirements to keep pace with the latest industry standards. This is precisely why the situation entails the need for healthcare organizations to find that ‘de rigueur’ partner who can overhaul their internal processes with integrated, data-driven methodologies. And only with the power of integrated workflows can organizations actualize a high-performing healthcare system that would respond to all the modern-day needs of patients and healthcare organizations across Latin America.

Rising to the occasion, Tips Salud—born as an extension of the IT development department at the Hospital Privado Universitario de Córdoba, Argentina—is offering state-of-the-art solutions that cover the entire value chain of integrated healthcare. Their impeccable line of solutions and services include healthcare coordination mechanisms throughout the entire continuum of health services used for treatment and management of illnesses; instruments that allow standardization of protocols, guidelines and care pathways; and integrated management of clinical, administrative and logistics support systems. “Using our suite of information and communication technology solutions, hospitals and healthcare networks can effortlessly improve patient safety and continuity of care while fostering resource efficiencies,” says Cecilia Camillucci, President of Tips Salud

Through The Test of Time

During its initial stages, Tips Salud initially created its product portfolio to cover a wide range of requirements that any healthcare institution would need—right from streamlining an electronic medical record to overseeing administrative processes. Along the timeline, the company started noting both technical and economic difficulties Latin American healthcare institutions face while acquiring and maintaining solutions from bespoke solution providers. This was when Tips Salud started adding other solutions to its repertoire for diagnosis departments and preventive care. Then came the time when the organization wanted to connect different medical diagnostic equipment so that the healthcare organizations would not need to install multiple applications every time they brought in new equipment. Subsequently, the company’s flagship solution, HIS Innova, was created.
HIS Innova is a unified digital and chronological medical platform that integrates patient information from different areas of healthcare and disseminates them to the healthcare providers to support medical decisionmaking during patient care, statistical surveys, research, and institutional management. The platform has the versatility to accommodate the information to facilitate the care task, according to the reality of care: outpatient, inpatient, patient in the emergency room, patient in home care, etc. This advantage allows the clinician to focus on the patient’s current health condition and modulate their treatment accordingly.

Among other additional modules that the solution encompasses: a module for nursing staff that helps them oversee tasks that include assigning patients, receiving medical indications, registering medication administration, and vital signs; a pharmacy module that helps in a safe dispensing of medication; all them integrated to the closed cycle of medication. What’s more, apart from facilitating clinical decision support systems in the CPOE (computerized provider order entry), the platform, networked software systems for managing medical studies and practices (laboratory information systems, radiology information systems), and telemedicine systems, HIS Innova provides other ERP modules (supply, accounts receivable and payable, payroll) by enabling integration with third-party software solutions.
As an upshot of the platform’s dynamic and flexible nature, it is increasingly becoming the go-to versatile and easy-to-use channel where healthcare professionals involved in patient care can communicate and exchange information to formalize all internal processes while ensuring data confidentiality. Due to its simplicity, intuitive format, and proficiency in process automation, healthcare professionals are more effortlessly streamlining their administrative routines while generating unprecedented savings. Moreover, the solution also allows HCPs to keep track of the results of various educational programs within hospital premises that help in decreasing clinical variability within a healthcare network.

Stealing a March on Its Competitors

Cecilia believes that being a part of an academic environment definitely gives Tips Salud a competitive edge as its solutions are vetted by healthcare professionals, unlike most of its peers. “We get constant personalized feedback from not only medical students but the entire healthcare community that helps us refine our products,” avers Cecilia. Furthermore, inside the Tips microenvironment, extensive consultations regarding the products’ applicability take place between the committees of experts for each knowledge area that includes engineers, physicians, usability experts, imaging technicians, pharmaceuticals, and software architects. Besides being acknowledged by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), the company’s solutions help hospitals pursue the latest regulatory standards of patient care while encouraging them to work on EMRAM accreditation. But even that is not the end of the line.

Tips Salud also organizes internal clinical procedures and digitalizes entire healthcare workflows from scratch for institutions comprising dissimilar people and teams from different backgrounds and experiences. And the company is doing so in total alignment with their client’s integral vision.

Using our suite of information and communication technology solutions, hospitals and healthcare networks can effortlessly improve patient safety and continuity of care while fostering resource efficiencies

As a domino effect of this proactive business stance, Tips Salud is empowering healthcare startups to rectify prescription and medication administration errors and allow HCPs to provide patient care through telemedicine, both in outpatient clinics and critical care units.
In addition to that, the systems implemented by Tips Salud are also enabling firms to provide follow up and monitoring services for patients with chronic, non-communicable diseases.

Keeping All Ears to The Ground

The company’s expertise is not only evidenced through the top-grade technicalities of the solutions but also in the implementation phase, where the company steps outside the boundaries of a solution provider and works in cohorts with the client’s requirements and regional specifications. The LATAM region has its own cultural peculiarities, and in order to make any healthcare solution work, a company has to take into consideration both the quality of their solution and appropriate modifications in clinical processes during the implementation. In these stages, locality plays an important role in helping defeat cultural barriers. This is where Tips Salud plays an extremely crucial role by staying abreast of all the regional market impediments and industry developments, helping create business confidence that every client needs.

Looking ahead into the near future, the company is all set to provide advanced data analytics systems for new hospital structures. They are meant to support the decision-making and management of chronic diseases for patients with multiple pathologies, thereby ameliorating the standards of patient communication within healthcare facilities. Besides, the company has several projects in the pipeline, including enhanced artificial intelligence, telemonitoring, patient experience, IoT, and population management tools set to simplify healthcare workflows in the near future. The Tips Salud team is also currently analyzing a product to assist in the education of students and healthcare professionals (physicians, nurses, and technicians) enrolled for graduate and postgraduate training courses. “We want to ensure our solutions keep producing effective outcomes for patient care and great savings in healthcare costs while being attuned to the hospital environment and ground realities of the LATAM healthcare landscape,” buoyantly concludes Cecilia.

Tips Salud

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