SenseData: An Efficient, Data-Based, Customer Success and Retention Platform

Mateus Pestana, CEO and co-founder
Advancements in technologies have always significantly influenced the economic development of various nations. This can be perfectly observed in Latin America, where digital companies rapidly grow while accelerating the region’s economy. At the core of this digital transformation is Brazil. In 2020, the country was the fourth nation globally in terms of the number of startups founded; today, it is home to twenty unicorns. As these technology companies steadily grow and drive the country’s economy, their customer bases broaden and become chaotic. Due to a lack of visibility of their customer base, organizations often fail to prioritize leads and retain highvalue clients. Helping companies comprehend their customer behavior and make data-driven decisions to maximum business value is SenseData. The Brazilian SaaS startup provides a customer success management platform to some of the major players in the Latin American digital ecosystem.

While working in Brazil’s digital sector, the founder of SenseData realized that businesses were readily adopting recurring revenue models. Consequently, providing excellent value to the customers and retaining them became critically important for their growth. SenseData was founded with the aim to simplify customer success and retention for such companies and, since then, it has empowered its clients to successfully enhance customer experience and satisfaction. The platform offers users a unique client view to oversee a customer’s data, behavior, responses to surveys, and engagement levels. The platform consists of executive dashboards where decisionmakers have a 360-degree view of their client base, track essential indicators such as ARR, MRR, churn, and create custom indicators. Moreover, the platform automatically adds new data, updates client statuses, and generates powerful insights into the user’s clientele.

The comprehensive view of the customer base is greatly complemented by the analytical capabilities of SenseData, where it provides analytical reports on different clients’ activities and engagements. Elaborating on this, Mateus Pestana, CEO and co-founder of SenseData, adds, “These reports are based on data science scores that are assigned to each customer activity, and high scores represent higher levels of engagement and commitment.” Such insights greatly aid customer success managers who can focus on high-value customers and strategize policies to retain them successfully. In addition to providing greater customer visibility and insights, SenseData allows managers to anticipate customer needs and automate activities such as emails, SMS, playbooks, triggers and alerts, Webpush, and more. “By combining customer data with dynamic reports and action tools, we enable our clients to orchestrate and manage the entire customer journey via one single platform,” adds Pestana.

By combining customer data with dynamic reports and action tools, we enable our clients to orchestrate and manage the entire customer journey via one single platform

Owing to such innovative capabilities, SenseData finds applications across various industries where recurring business models are prevalent, such as Information Technology, consumer goods manufacturing, healthcare insurance, and education. “Improvement in customer lifetime is critical for such businesses to retain high-value clients, and streamlining customer journeys helps them to execute that successfully,” adds Pestana.

SenseData houses customer success and onboarding teams consisting of experienced and skilled professionals. Committed to helping clients and improving their customer management processes, these teams dive deep into a client’s requirements and rapidly implement SenseData. The company has helped startups manage their growing client base and has worked with more prominent corporations to better onboard new customers. By deploying the platform, several of the company’s clients reduced their time to value by fifty percent. Others witnessed a thirty percent reduction in churn point and a thirty percent increase in customer retention. One of SenseData’s clients in the healthcare industry implemented the platform to streamline their patient care process and deliver medicines to patients on time. Even in 2020, SenseData accelerated the growth of several companies that could proactively adapt to the new wave of digital transformation brought about by the pandemic.

SenseData achieved its three-year growth plans last year with the rapid adoption of digital technologies. To generate smarter customer activity scores and insights, the company aims to integrate more advanced technologies into its platforms, such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Considering the rapid growth of Latin America’s digital economy, SenseData has enormous opportunities to influence the region’s business ecosystem substantially. As Pestana concludes, “We are surfing a wave that is just growing. Although the economic circumstances are poor, the region is attracting global investors since it is an emerging economy and we are motivated to become a critical part of it.”


São Paulo, Brazil

Mateus Pestana, CEO and co-founder

SenseData is a Brazil-based provider of customer success platforms that enables users to gain critical insights, prioritize high-value clients, and retain them. The company is leading the Customer Success movement in Brazil and helping native companies or companies migrating to the new economy to embark on this movement. Using the platform, users can automate customer success operations such as emails, SMS, and more and keep the client engaged. SenseData empowers its clients to analyze large volumes of customer data and generate reports that accurately indicate customer statuses