Asper Technology: Holistic Integrator for Mission-Critical Organizations

Arthur Gonçalves, CEO
Founded by professionals of diverse backgrounds and a shared vision of helping private and public managers to understand what is happening in their organizations, Asper traces its origins to about ten years ago. Its approach towards data analytics substantiated the company's vision. It soon evolved to work with a wide range of leading global vendors in observability, cybersecurity, privacy, and digital transformation. Today, Asper acts as a technology integrator, providing IT solutions and a strong layer of services for major public, private and international organizations.

Asper’s clients include Supreme Federal Court, National Council of Justice, Ministry of Health, Bradesco Bank, Icatu Insurance, and Petrobras, to name a few. The company serves four of the 10 largest Brazilian companies. They are supported by a team of certified professionals and local offices in São Paulo, Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, and Florianópolis. The company’s dedicated SOC and NOC structures serve many important clients in Brazil, such as JBS—one of the worldwide leaders in food and animal protein with over 250,000 staff members. “We believe in close cooperation as a solid way to generate sustainable projects,” says Arthur Gonçalves, the CEO of Asper.

Specializing in serving large and complex organizations, Asper focuses on collaborating with and among its clients to make meaningful change rather than just delivering products. “In our perspective, Brazilian IT market is going through its most promising phase. Our clients and leads—big public and private companies—are facing unprecedent challenges,” states Gonçalves. What he is referring to is the impact that the global pandemic had on pressing digital channels to the limit, both in terms of technology and IT staff. As a result, the home office became a common practice, escalating cybersecurity issues and requiring deep changes in management; most commercial and operations teams had to adapt their processes to embrace a new way of doing things, and that was also done with technology. IT strategy quickly became the company’s business strategy. Moreover, those large companies still have their legacy issues to deal with.
"As sales and funding sources suffer, IT budget cannot match the needs. Large companies can no longer afford to acquire out-of-the-box IT products and services, nor can their already swamped tech teams implement new technologies themselves. There is just too much of everyone's plates, and that's where we can help," says Lucio Fittipaldi, the Sales VP of Asper. Using a tailor-made approach, Asper supports companies in: designing cost-effective projects; liaison with global vendors to meet clients' needs; sharing knowledge, lessons learned, and good practices among clients to streamline implementation, and; delivering sustainable projects through highly qualified teams.

Asper’s method has consistently proven to generate successful cases. Banco Original, a complete digital bank with over 5 million clients in Brazil, is a very recent example. The company worked with Banco Original to build a full customer experience/employee experience (CX/EX) observability project. As a result, all client's actions and behaviour are delivered to operations/ business teams in real-time, enabling unique customer support and timely feedback to business managers. The case has been publicized in events and shared by the Gartner-leader global vendor as a remarkable case.

We believe in close cooperation as a solid way to generate sustainable projects,” says Arthur Gonçalves, the CEO of Asper

What differentiates Asper is that the company adapts consistent frameworks to its client’s needs. As Gonçalves states, “Close cooperation and bespoke approach are the core of our implementation strategy.” With a resultbased management orientation, Asper combines dedicated professionals with specialized teams, delivering a highly customized implementation based on reliable and acknowledged methodologies. “We dedicate a lot of effort in sharing knowledge with our customers, discussing alternatives, connecting technical staff from vendors and even among our client’s tech teams whenever possible,” informs Gonçalves. For the future, Asper plans to further its positioning as an all-round IT integrator, SOC, and NOC specialist, with a distinctive DNA of cooperation and partnership, providing cutting-edge solutions and managed services to large organizations.

Asper Technology

Brasília, DF

Arthur Gonçalves, CEO

Providing IT solutions and a strong layer of services for major public, private and international organizations.

Asper Technology