Rhisco: Providing Robust Counter measures Against Financial & Regulatory Risks

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Luis Aguirre, CEO, Fernando Boyoli, CTO and Elizabeth Marvan, President
Innovation, production, and customer service; focusing all efforts on these three aspects of business promises the success of a company,” says Luis Aguirre, CEO of Rhisco, a leading risk management solutions provider. Upholding this very philosophy, Rhisco has been one among the forerunners advocating for a digital-first ecosystem with over ten years of experience in digital transformation initiatives. Relatively, as Rhisco continued to evolve, it witnessed a dearth of digitalized workflows constituting to inefficiency among businesses. Such IT architectures lack scalability, and according to Elizabeth Marvan, President of Rhisco, can result in an undesirable impact on the business’s bottom line. In order to help banking organizations overcome these hurdles, Rhisco offers a wide array of robust financial risk, compliance, and data science solutions that effectuate a successful digital transformation.

Having witnessed the impact of technology in banks over the past decade, Rhisco places a strong emphasis on innovation, research and development, production, and customer service. The company invests greatly in its product development to effectively deliver fit-for-purpose, fully integrated production-ready solutions that steer its clientele toward a risk-managed, compliant business model. “We realized that simple consultation and advisory services would not help companies and asked ourselves, ‘how can we provide clients the complete solution?’,” states Aguirre. To that end, the company designed and developed TEGRA, a comprehensive enterprise fintech data management, integration, and aggregation platform that addresses risk and capital needs.

TEGRA supports financial companies with multiple quantitative analyses and allows them to manage their data in a dynamic manner while conforming to various regulatory guidelines like FRTB and the Solvency 2 directive. Rhisco’s highly scalable solution keeps a client’s data transparent and ensures improved communication among business and technology teams within an organization. “TEGRA is flexible and highly scalable. Clients can sandbox new ideas, comfortably conduct rules-based risk assessments, and generate reports in industry-standard formats,” adds Aguirre. The solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with a client’s existing IT systems and can be installed onsite with minimal downtime.
“TEGRA is designed in layers for increased security, where it can be deployed both in cloud environments or on-premise,” states Elizabeth. Rhisco ensured to embed the solution with adequate identity management capabilities like permissions and profiling controls within the solution.

Rhisco strongly believes in the potential of artificial intelligence in the areas of compliance and regulatory changes. To that end, the company developed its web-based regtech solution: AllGood.ai to simplify a bank’s workflow when managing regulatory changes such as IFRS 9 and IFRS 17. It significantly accelerates the performance of a client’s compliance teams and democratizes regulatory expertise across the institution. AllGood.ai automates much of the manual work in a firm, releasing time for analysis and decision making. Leveraging natural language processing libraries, the software is trained to identify a bank’s obligations and curate a regulatory map to streamline compliance processes.

The company’s ethos around customer service further fuels the intuitiveness of its solutions, where clients experience 24/7 assistance in the areas of financial risk, security, and compliance management. “TEGRA’s security layer tracks every operation and all attempts to access or transform data; we filter and manage any incoming request by the client,” explains Fernando Boyoli, CTO of Rhisco. The company’s AllGood.ai solution leverages this security protocol and follows ISO 20000 guidelines for service management and 27000 for security purposes. Rhisco’s multi-tenant application is built to fortify a user’s privacy; it maintains two different underlying databases for multiple clients. “Rhisco is built on commitment, excellence, and passion; these values help us focus on making sure we follow a ‘test-soon’ approach before a ‘fail-soon’ for successful product delivery,” adds Elizabeth.

With such resourceful features in their solutions, Rhisco leads the Latin American financial industry toward a secure, well-planned future that actively combats various threats and risks. Moving forward, the company intends to leverage AI technology and strengthen its automation capabilities, continue its R&D investments, and charter strategic partnerships with industry-leading enterprises. Broadening their outreach by moving toward Brazil, Rhisco will become a B2C company while serving its B2B clients as well.

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In Latin America there are few companies deeply dedicated to the research and development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) models. In contrast, there are many companies that are adopting the AI models offered by specialized companies.

One of the companies that dedicates resources to AI research and development is Rhisco, a British-Mexican company formed by an interdisciplinary team of experts, focused on creating technology solutions to address business needs to support regulatory compliance activities.

Rhisco has created allgood.ai®, a platform that facilitates the consumption of regulatory and legal documents in Spanish throughout the regulatory cycle of institutions, companies and / or entities. Based on artificial intelligence and other technologies, allgood.ai® allows to easily identify, in the context of its regulatory environment, the obligations that companies have to comply with, finding potential gaps in internal regulations and allowing to monitor and manage their compliance in a collaborative way. Given the significant advances in technologies and techniques that apply to regulation and documentation, tangible benefits can now be generated by applying them in the management of regulatory aspects.

Last April, the European Commission launched the first artificial intelligence regulatory initiative, seeking to promote the development of artificial intelligence while addressing the potential risks it poses to the equality of fundamental rights and people's security. This debate is now taking place in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

For its focus on artificial intelligence and its commitment to conducting business ethically, Rhisco was chosen and is proudly participating in the "Prototype Public Policy for the Transparency and Explainability of Artificial Intelligence Systems", called OpenLoop in its Mexico chapter, organized by Facebook, C-Minds, IDB, and INAI.

This prototype is very important because of the increasing use of technologies that make decisions in an automated way, without human intervention, significantly increases the efficiency of companies and boosts the economy, and in some cases could impact on the human rights of people who daily, consciously or unconsciously, are exposed to those technologies.

"For Rhisco, both ethics and technology innovation are an intrinsic part of who we are, so we were very pleased to have the opportunity to work with Open Loop's team of experts. We are putting into practice in our own AI platform some of the proposed principles that are being considered as legislation." Elizabeth Marván, Rhisco


London, and strong presence in Mexico City

Luis Aguirre, CEO, Fernando Boyoli, CTO and Elizabeth Marvan, President

Rhisco houses a team of specialists that deliver complex risk management and capital optimization projects. The company provides services and technology solutions in risk, governance, control, and capital management. Having witnessed the impact of technology in financial companies over the past decade, Rhisco places a strong emphasis on innovation, research and development, production, and customer service. The company invests greatly in its solutions and effectively steers the clientele toward a risk-managed, compliant business model. As a fintech solution provider, Rhisco supports financial companies with multiple quantitative analyses and allows them to manage their data in a dynamic manner while conforming to various regulatory guidelines like IFRS, FRTB and the Solvency 2 directive