Top 20 Latin America Tech Companies - 2021

Top 20 Latin America Tech Companies - 2021

    Top Latin America Tech Companies

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    Kauel has specialized in image processing for over 14 years. When the ability to incorporate artificial intelligence became a reality in 2012, thanks to new hardware capabilities on the market, the company emphasized computer vision by applying its own math and algorithms to train its artificial intelligence machines. Kauel is currently using Artificial Vision in several industries to run aerial inspections for oil and gas companies, count and classify products on production and logistics companies, do quality control on food processing companies and monitor transmission lines doing their vegetation management, among others

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    Leanware is a Colombia-based software company that excels in assisting companies with the technical and methodological aspects of software development. Leanware is committed to delivering effective solutions to its clients regarding digital products, data engineering, and technology advisory through its expert team of designers, software developers, product managers, and business consultants. The company adopts a proven, mature, and highly flexible methodology for the conceptualization, validation, and development of digital products, which allows it to deliver a high-value solution as per the clients’ objectives. Leanware's knowledge is supported by the battle-hardened experience it has gained from solving extremely complex technological problems

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    POL is business technology firm, dedicated to process automation and productive transformation. The company does this by using its deep industry knowledge that allows clients to better serve their end-customers more efficiently, thus increasing their overall profitability. POL principally focuses on three primary areas—business process automation, enterprise architecture, and document management. It offers services enabling both horizontal and vertical automation. In the former, clients can utilize the BPMS technology to establish a business process management system

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    SenseData is a Brazil-based provider of customer success platforms that enables users to gain critical insights, prioritize high-value clients, and retain them. The company is leading the Customer Success movement in Brazil and helping native companies or companies migrating to the new economy to embark on this movement. Using the platform, users can automate customer success operations such as emails, SMS, and more and keep the client engaged. SenseData empowers its clients to analyze large volumes of customer data and generate reports that accurately indicate customer statuses

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    Taggify is the first Programmatic Out Of Home Platform in LATAM, with more than 400 campaigns from top brands. For advertisers, the company offers a programmatic platform that can help them spend their budgets wisely as it shows the right screen at the right time where the main target audience is. Taggify leverages DMP/Agnostic Data Aggregator, Bidder, and DSP technologies to deliver the solution. While Agnostic Data Aggregator predicts the right time and place to buy, Bidder decides if the screen is the right one in milliseconds. And DSP helps the advertiser to plan, forecast, and optimize each campaign

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    For more than 30 years, Team Quality has been developing payment platforms oriented to both processors and issuers. The company has a long history of challenging the status quo and offering innovative solutions in the Latin American financial marketplace. Today, they are oriented to the provision of technological solutions for the Payments market in general; and in particular to the financial sector, banking and non-banking

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    Offers VZOR Suite 360° that allows to monitor, analyze and automate reports, alarms, and escalations while providing a 360° view of the business