Top 20 Latin America Tech Companies - 2020

Companies across the globe are utilizing cloud-based solutions for more productive processes and improved business results. This trend is also evident in the Latin American region where tech companies have now increased the adoption of cloud solutions, which has resulted in reduction of IT costs.

The region has also witnessed greater revolution in technology. Achieving centralized management, improved user experience, and remote workforce is no small task, and technologies such as virtualization and Green IT have delivered sound results in Latin America. To this end, these two technologies are attracting more investments in data centers. Furthermore, the recent rise of content and video on demand has shown the value of big data analytics in business and IT in the region. Big data’s increased adoption in companies and government agencies indicates its significance. With Latin American government agencies, oil and gas companies, and other large businesses utilizing it in video surveillance solutions, the investment opportunities for big data in Latin America are at an all-time high.

What is more, in Brazil, enterprise mobility applications have been at the forefront of telecom investments for some time now. This application market is excited to receive massive boost in investments in Latin America with the implementation of applications to improve collaboration and productivity.

Also, with more cloud-based solutions being implemented in Latin America, it is equally necessary to have robust security solutions in place. Hence, end-point security is growing with more investments from security companies. Also, the gig economy has several pain points for large industries which are now being addressed by startups. The services of these startups include providing insurance, benefits and fraud prevention resulting in millions of clients.

Amid the avalanche of innovative technologies, companies must identify the specific technology solution that can fuel their productivity and success. To help companies choose the right technology solutions, CIOReview brings top performing tech companies in Latin America. We hope the exhaustive information presented in this edition will come in handy for you to choose the right technology solutions partner in the Latin American region.

We present to you CIOReview’s "20 Most Promising Latin America Tech Companies-2020”.

    Top Latin America Tech Companies

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    AZLOGICA is a market leader in developing state-of-the-art, smart, and secure IoT solutions. The company stretches the boundaries of its solutions by working according to customer needs, and it works toward creating a shift in the technology adoption process. AZLOGICA has a comprehensive understanding of an IoT network, and after thoroughly gauging the client’s requirements, it applies this knowledge to develop customized solutions for its clients. The company takes an approach much similar to building a Lego structure, building one block at a time. AZLOGICA assembles and integrates the specific hardware with high class, tailor made data presentation and solicitation solution to enable its clientele to make decisions under any circumstances

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    e-Contact’s Contact Center Cloud,, is a unique solution among the many tools that have proven their merits in achieving digital transformation. The intuitive platform features a quick configuration of client accounts and offers seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure. The platform is pillared on three essential functions: Accessibility, Zero Infrastructure, and Flexibility. Through customizable subscription programs, e-Contact brings together diverse communication channels such as chat, SMS, email, and telephonic communication into a single, comprehensive ecosystem. Irrespective of the mode of communication, e-Contact ensures that end-customers are provided the information they need. This subscription model serves as a scalable infrastructure that adapts to the growing needs of businesses as they expand in the industry

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    Addressing the gaps in tackling online content piracy is Ether City, a Brazilian company that provides customized content protection solutions to investigate, monitor, detect, and delete illegal content. Ether City combines complex data mining techniques, automation, and machine learning to analyze content at scale and identify every potential threat forensically. Such a comprehensive approach saves the day for the true content owners in the online space.Provides tailor-made content protection solutions to investigate, monitor, detect, and delete illegal content

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    Founded in 2014 with a vision to provide high-quality services and solutions, GAVB has established itself as one of the top five AI and big data companies in Brazil. With its broad spectrum of portfolio offering consulting and development services, GAVB supports companies for technological transformation projects, business innovation and maps their journey to the cloud. For instance, the company leverages the power of AI, and big data analytics to gather customer demographic data, social media behavior, and purchase patterns that ultimately improve the customer experience. It also helps in forecasting demands and suggesting personalized recommendations

  • 5

    Founded by former Microsoft engineers, Kumulus is a technology company focused on delivering the next generation of managed services and solutions to its customers through the power of the cloud and data. The company helps organizations of all sizes and segments to develop effective strategies for adopting new technologies, with the goal of gaining agility and becoming more relevant and competitive. The company, staying true to its nomenclature, maintains a team of cloud specialists that thoroughly understand legacy architecture challenges and strive to simplify the transition from on-premise environments to the cloud. Kumulus follows a DevOps-based managed cloud service offering model, where its solutions promise effortless IT infrastructure management and real-time optimization of daily workloads for better performance

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    LinkAPI Solutions offers optimal customer experience through its scalable platform whose main pillars are construction, monitoring and distribution of APIs and integrations. enables the digital transformation of companies around the world by integrating systems with agility promoting operational efficiency, and the best consumer experience. The company is rebuilding the experience of the integration market, providing a modern and all-in-one solution that combines the best of API Management, IPaaS, and DevTools. Through LinkApi’s solution companies can integrate multiple systems, create open innovation strategies and modernize their technology architecture in a simple, fast and secure way

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    Nediar was founded nearly a decade ago, in light of the growing need of airline companies in Colombia and other Latin American countries for affordable and easier training alternatives that do not compromise on quality. Today, with a steady workforce, Nediar has established itself as a valuable entity in the Latin American aeronautical space. All of Nediar’s products and solutions can be customized as per market requirements and regulations and embrace a modular structure for easy setup while easily integrating with other technologies or peripherals.Nediar leverages cutting edge simulation tools as well as airplane replicas to deliver realistic training that can be customized as per client needs

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    To empower Brazil and Latin America by providing leading enterprise market application security solutions from around the world, Nova8 is a startup founded in 2016. Adding to a variety of market-leading cybersecurity solutions, the company’s specialized services under its security excellence center help clients tackle today’s diverse market challenges. Nova8 acts as a perfect partner to enable organizations to mitigate threats using state of the art cybersecurity solutions from companies like Checkmarx and WhiteSource. Topping these solutions with the company's expert professional services, clients can easily accelerate implementing solutions across all phases for enhanced security levels with agility, quality, and cost-effectiveness

  • 9

    Pismo is the first digital payments processor with a fully multi-cloud SaaS platform. Unlike the current paymentsolutions provided from different suites or providers, Pismo offers its multi-cloud PCI Compliant solutions running on the same AWS and GCP based infrastructure. The back-end solution allows integration of both legacy and emerging payment products in a single service mesh platform. Whether it’s a credit card processing solution, core banking, or merchant payment, all solutions run in the same infrastructure. The company primarily focuses on leading banks, fintechs, and retailers

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    Rhisco houses a team of specialists that deliver complex risk management and capital optimization projects. The company provides services and technology solutions in risk, governance, control, and capital management. Having witnessed the impact of technology in financial companies over the past decade, Rhisco places a strong emphasis on innovation, research and development, production, and customer service. The company invests greatly in its solutions and effectively steers the clientele toward a risk-managed, compliant business model. As a fintech solution provider, Rhisco supports financial companies with multiple quantitative analyses and allows them to manage their data in a dynamic manner while conforming to various regulatory guidelines like IFRS, FRTB and the Solvency 2 directive

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    Founded in 2010 in Brazil, Semantix offers data-centric solutions, including proprietary products, consulting, data engineering and data science services, 24x7 support for mission critical operations, and certified training. The company also equips clients with unique products focused on business performance in specific verticals: financial services, retail, health, and industry 4.0, along with data solutions and algorithms based on open source software. Semantix has over 60 technological alliances with technology companies to offer, in an integrated manner, the best package of solutions to customers

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    Sofka is a leading expert in software development and quality assurance whose solutions and services ensure greater business efficiency for its clients. Sofka’s offerings enable faster project delivery, with better quality, less complexity, and optimized budget. The team at Sofka is passionate about co-creating software solutions that allow clients to achieve their strategic objectives, going beyond assigning a group of collaborators with a certain set of skills and knowledge. Within the IT space, Sofka’s services span agile software development, architecture definition, design and implementation, hybrid system integration (cloud-2-cloud, cloud-2-on premise, on-premise-2-on-premises), quality assurance, robotic process automation, IA, and SAP

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    Zoop is a white-label platform for payment solutions and digital accounts without bureaucracy. The team at Zoop has years of experience in the financial, technology and financial sectors, and works to distribute innovation that facilitates trade through the company’s ecosystem of partners that operate in different industries. Zoop’s solution is a cloud-based platform as a service aimed at smoothening B2B financial interactions. The company divides its focus on payment as a service, banking as a service, and credit as a service.

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    [ kolekto ] offers the best cloud computing solutions and caters to the diverse needs of their clientele across industries and sectors.[kolekto ]’s complete consultancy service framework offers everything from business to technology advisory services. Backed by a highly specialized team and technology, the company delivers end-to-end business solutions over the Salesforce platform. The solutions support lean and agile methodologies, like business and brand canvas, design thinking, service design, solution blueprint, hybrid Waterfall/Scrum/Kanban project management implementation, ITIL support, AMS, and DevOps and governance professional services.[ kolekto ] has implemented innovative projects in different industries over Salesforce and is a multi-cloud, strategic consultancy technology partner for its customers, a one stop shop for any enterprise initiative in Salesforce

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    Provides technological solutions from IT Support, IT Consulting and Consulting, to Cybersecurity Management and Outsourcing of all IT Infrastructure and Processes

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    The company uses different approaches from the technological universe of distributed computing such as Blockchain/DLT to provide solutions

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    The company carries out End-to-End Development of web, mobile and multiplatform applications for companies and startups.Our added value is in the co-created work with the client to design and develop the ideal software that responds to their needs and tastes

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    Teamcore provides store visibility to CPG business-users and enables its field-based workforce to execute value-added tasks and accumulate crucial insights. Teamcore’s Smart OSA (On Shelf Availability) Business Intelligence model is very different from the traditional reporting used in retail. The model includes a uniquely developed methodology within tasking platform that aligns the effort of the whole team into elevating OSA levels, effectively synchronizing the responsibilities on each function in the supply chain. Daily automatic tasks are delivered to retail and CPG teams, promoting corrective activities related to phantom inventory, replenishment, logistics, production, and many others

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    Topaz is a software company exclusively dedicated to design, develop, implement and support banking and financial systems. We are part of Stefanini Group, one of the leading global providers of technology solutions for the international market. Stefanini is a Brazilian multinational company present in America, Asia and Europe with over 16,000 employees. Nine of the ten largest banks in Latin America and over 90% of private banks in Brazil are attended by the company.The company's Products portfolio:TOPAZ Banking is an all-inclusive system for banking institutions, on-line/real-time, designed by TOP SYSTEMS under an innovative concept in finance company activities. Complete in terms of function, it covers all the central system’s processing needs (core system), such as those of the main office and branches of an institution

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    Truewind is a well established agile thought leader, global solutions provider, and an Elite OutSystems partner specialising in guiding and accelerating customers through their agile development, digital transformations and overcoming the business challenges of today to make for a more productive and profitable tomorrow. Customers such as Randstad, NHS UK and Delta Cafe’s trust Truewind and Outsystems to enhance their multi-channel customer experiences, mitigate risks, increase ROI and bring their mobile and web app experiences to life in a quarter of the time compared to traditional development methodologies. Truewind has offices in the US, UK, Portugal and Brazil